Hi!  My name is Chuck…I'm the big guy on the Lizcare home page!  Liz started walking me about a year ago, she is the best!  She loves to run, and play with me!  When I'm all tuckered out from the fun, Liz and I like cuddle time.  Liz is great at belly rubs, and scratches.  I highly recommend Lizcare to walk you too! When I see Liz down the street, I can't wait to run up to her to say hi!  She's always happy to see me!  Even though I'm a big guy, Liz doesn't care, she takes great care of me, and isn’t nervous at all.  Mom says she's one of the best walkers I've had, (she likes that I’m still tired when she gets home).  I look forward to having walks with Liz in her new business!  -- xoxo,  Chuck

When I heard about Lizcare entering the highly competitive world of urban pet care, I was overjoyed and rushed to “get in on the ground floor” as one of her first clients. Liz not only possesses a passion to provide the best animal care in the City of Chicago, she’s got the experience and no-nonsense know-how to keep our dogs safe and happy. Liz makes me, the human client, feel like I’m her only client, and delivers that level of attention to detail across all facets of Lizcare. Congratulations, Liz, Hiro the Boston Terrier and Lily the Boxer are the luckiest dogs around!​​

To potential new clients,
Liz has been caring for my two dogs for more than a year now. They get so excited and happy when she is close by, that I know without a doubt she is terrific in caring for them!  She exercises good judgment regarding weather and how long to keep them out versus playing indoors with inclement weather. This is key for short haired breeds in cold climates. 
I  am happy to recommend her service to anyone needing in home walks in Chicago. Your pets will be well cared for, and you will be kept informed of their well-being, with visit notes to email or phone! 
She is professional and courteous, and careful with your beloved furry family.

Liz has been Keats's walker since the first week we brought him home - and she is truly his favorite!  It is a delight to see Keats react when he hears Liz walk in the door; he greets her with excitement and kisses, the welcome he reserves for his very favorite people.
When Keats is with Liz, I know he is being well cared for.  I can tell by how curly his tail is in the pictures on his walks (the curlier the tail, the happier the pup!)... by the comments from multiple neighbors on how great our walker is after they've observed Keats and Liz playing together (they play peek a boo!)... by the amazing pictures she manages to capture of Keats... by her efforts to reinforce his training... by the genuine care and concern she shows for him every day.
We feel so lucky to have Liz as our puppy's walker!  We could not ask for a better companion for our Keats, and we are excited to follow her as she starts her own business.  

I LOVE LIZ!!!!! I cannot put into words how special Liz is and how thankful my husband and I are to have found her. She really loves our dog (Ronnie) and takes amazing care of him. We trust Liz without question, more than anyone in our family!  And I know that writing a quick note about the day's walk is common, but Liz' notes are truly brilliant. She details and notices things about our dog that only a parent would! I have shown her notes to all of my friends/family and they are stunned and envious at her thoughtful words and her skill at writing. Liz really could be a professional writer but  thankfully she is not, because that would devastate my dog and our family. I LOVE LIZ. After having Liz in our life, I am ruined forever to ever have anyone besides her take care of our boy. Did I say I LOVE LIZ??!!!

I always know that my kitties Sula and Simon are in the best possible hands when Liz is taking care of them! Every time she comes over they rush to the door to greet her and demand her immediate attention and affection.  Liz does not disappoint!  Every time she drops to the floor and immediately engages them in play and cuddles. She is so focused on tending to their needs for interaction and stimulation while I'm away from them, it provides such a sense of relief to know that she's with them. She always does a great job tending to the details of what I've asked to be done, gives me such thorough reports, and manages to take the most adorable pictures of my kitties!  I don't know what I'd do without Liz in our lives, we're so lucky that we found her!!!
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